Smart Contracts

Governor (0x1D734e5de4c4a4b70538Bb52D9A08a8E9468b26f)

The contract that governs the protocol through voting. It can push proposals and apply changes through the timelock contract.

Timelock (0x60944aFF520C44Df6d877aE379aBB7Aa704b0b8F)

This is the administrator of all other contracts and is managed by the Governor contract. For security purposes, code changes have a deferral period. The default deferral period is fixed at 5 days ( 120 hours). This period can change through governance voting.

Router (0x463672ffdED540f7613d3e8248e3a8a51bAF7217)

This facilitates interaction with smart contracts, allowing references to functions of the code as domain names.

Factory (0x69bd16aE6F507bd3Fc9eCC984d50b04F029EF677)

Creates new pairs and includes the Protocol Fee switch (which sends 0.05% to the FeeTo address).

Controller (0xA9229c9D3720CD359cEc51A259003C845E4C8224)

Allows updating of the pairs code.

Escrow (0x39D34833d45A973e80D66E07E93512a8c508372C)

Issues governance tokens into circulation according to the established schedule.

Staking (0x3bAEFcF105f234b62F6793931903503B8dd4af5d)

A smart contract that provides a reward for staking LP tokens in governance tokens.

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