WSD Staking


Soon, users will have the opportunity to stake their WSD tokens and receive reward tokens in the form of additional WSD tokens. This is the second part of the protocol update, we will publish the staking update governance proposal soon after the farming update proposal.

Why staking?

Here's how it works: When users stake their WSD tokens, we will implement a mechanism where we charge a percentage from each swap made on our platform. Specifically, we will deduct 0.06% from the 0.3% swap fee for the purpose of conducting a buyback of WSD tokens. These bought-back tokens will then be issued as rewards to our staking users.

What sets our staking functionality apart is its broad reach. We have extended support for multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Tron, and Polygon. This means that the 0.06% charge will be applied to each swap made in every liquidity pool across these supported blockchain networks.

With our staking functionality, users can enjoy the benefits of passive income by staking their WSD tokens and receiving rewards in return. The staking update governance proposal will be live shortly after the upcoming farming pools proposal.

Stay tuned for the launch of this exciting feature that will enable users to maximize their holdings and get their share of the protocol's revenue while actively participating in our platform.

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