We have developed a farming pool proposal with the aim of offering a sustainable avenue for cryptocurrency investors to generate passive income. Through the utilization of liquidity pooling and yield farming strategies, we are confident that our farming pools proposal can provide superior returns and minimize risks when compared to conventional investment options.

To ensure the utmost security and transparency, our proposal will be audited by

In our pursuit of yield farming, we will adhere to a community-driven governance model, where decisions will be made in the best interest of our users.


The farming pool serves as a liquidity mining mechanism that empowers liquidity pool creators to distribute additional tokens from their project to users.

Within the farming pool, users have the opportunity to stake their liquidity in a liquidity pool and, in return, receive LP tokens. These LP tokens can then be further staked in the farming pool contract, where users will be rewarded with additional tokens as an incentive.

To establish a farm pool on WhiteSwap, any user can complete a request form. Within this form, users need to specify their desired existing liquidity pool on WhiteSwap and provide the corresponding link. Additionally, users must choose a reward token from a linked pair of liquidity pools, selecting either token A or token B as a reward token to distribute. It is also necessary to indicate the start and end dates of the farming pool and commit to locking up a minimum of 5000 WSD tokens for at least one year or for the entire duration of the farming pool if it extends beyond one year. Once the expiration date is reached, users can retrieve their tokens. The WhiteSwap team will deduct 5% of the 5000 WSD tokens as the protocol revenue, that will further be redistributed back to WSD token holders after the upcoming WSD staking update.

The farming pools update proposal will be live for your vote shortly.

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